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このIndestructible Unbreakable 決して壊れない絆 魂はtwin soul

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tiffany ABCs- p i n k  o b s e s s i o n 

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tomboy taeyeon vs girly taeyeon

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goddamn taeny’s child like HAVE YOU SEEN HER

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when you flawlessly execute an insult


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for hyonai:

Hyoyeon (of Girls’ Generation)
Girls’ Generation have gone through all types of concepts from sugary-sweet“Gee” to collegiate cuties in “Oh!” to cyber femme fatales in "Flower Power." But the outfit’s dancer/rapper Hyoyeon always has a certain level of spunk to her even if she doesn’t have the most lines. Her label, SM Entertainment, must have picked up on this as they placed her as the sole female in the agency’s first dance unit Younique. Just like the aforementioned nine ladies, it takes one of the baddest females to represent the women among other top idols.
| The 10 ‘Baddest Females’ in K-Pop - Billboard |

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Amber sharing a closet with the boys of sm entertainment.

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