Hyoyeon being flawless requested by izuiki

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Doctor, this is why I love you. Right here.

Vincent van Gogh was a man who is somewhat famous for his mental instability. He later ended his own life. For the Doctor to go and show him that his art mattered, and that his existence mattered…is amazing. And I wish someone could have shown this amazing artist how much he contributed to the world.

I wish the Doctor could show everyone how they mattered, because everybody does matter. In our own small way, we change the world simply by existing.

I will always, always, ALWAYS reblog this when it’s on my dash.

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This midget is so cute.

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why didn’t they incude taeyeon


why didn’t they incude taeyeon

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[18/04/2014] happy birthday jessica jung ♡♡♡

"like a flowers you blooming, like a sun you brighten the world, like a diamonds you’re precious, and like an ice you’re melting.. happy 26th birthday jessica jung!!”

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mr mr practice - tiffany center 

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The sad differences between Kang Jonghee and Jessica Jung (ー△ー;)

貓貓🐱生日快樂 (゜▽゜;) #26thJessicaDay

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"While beautiful looks are important, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also very important."- Jessica. Happy birthday princess!

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